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About Doma brand


Home through a more than 40-year tradition of mayonnaise and tartar sauces.


In 1970 in Presov it begins to write the history of the production of mayonnaise and tartar sauces.

It became famous mainly Prešov tartar sauce, which was dedicated production by own unique recipe. Gradually, the product range extended to include up to today.


DOMA brand name originated from the advertising slogan "tastes like home."

In 2001, the brand is already home registered as a trademark.


HOME The company currently offers a range of eight kinds of dressings and about thirty kinds of mayonnaise and tartar sauces, including those flavored.

The offer is intended for all retail consumers and producers lahôdkárskych.

The company also works as a production packer (single dose packages mustard, ketchup and barbecue sauces).

The company has a home through IFS certificate.


The company's products can be found at home through home and abroad.

His company sells products under the brand names at home and Otma.

Wide presence also in private brands for the company TESCO, COOP, CBA, Fresh and Sam.
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